Main goal of the activity of Polskie Linie Oceaniczne S.A. POL-Supply Shipchandler (Al. Marszałka Piłsudskiego 1, 81-406 Gdynia) is constant developing throughout meeting clients needs in a matter of reloading, warehousing and selling food articles, specially on the sea transportation methods favor. To do so we declare:

  • constant orientation on clients needs and expectations,
  • purchasing goods only from reliable and proven partners taking the responsibility of quality and safety,
  • trainings improving our qualifications and food safety awareness among the team members,
  • caring of the internal and external comunication,
  • keeping and perfecting ISO 22000:2018 system,
  • monitoring and measuring implemented processes,
  • functioning evaluation throughout the audits .

            Our Food Security Policy is an integral part of the overall company strategy and puts the foundation to set and overview the main goals. All employes activities are intentionall and comply with the policy.

            The Board declares, that they follow the law rules in a range of food safety aspects as well as all the ISO system resolutions.