We know almost everything about supplying vessels. We have a many years proven experience as well as a wide range of clients having no doubts where they should go to again. We work exclusively with the carefully selected suppliers and manufacturers. It’s our goal tu support domestic production but we can also meet even the most sophisticated tastes of an international kitchen.

We believe that the key to our success is the high specialization. Our strenght is build on a taste knowledge as well as on a long time relationships. We always supply the highest quality products and we do not accept compromises.


What we do is a bit similar to what a good tailor does, where the suit is made from the scratch. We believe that our job is a mission and we create our offer to meet the clients expectations. We keep the direct contact with the ships in order to secure the provisions even for the longest cruise.


We do realize that vessels crews can consist of many different nationalities and related kitchen tastes and preferences. That is why you’ll find in our offer even the most fancy dishes , so you can feel like home.


Maybe you need to complete some of your technical equipment? New fridge, maybe some chemicals? We’re here to help! Let us know what you need, and leave the rest to us.

Additionaly our department in Szczecin specializes in an advanced equipment deliveries. Follow this link to contact our technical staff in Szczecin.